US Amateur Radio Call Area Map

I give presentations on amateur radio to a number of audiences quite a bit. Audiences are usually better served by meaningful, content-related handouts. When explaining why we have numbers in our callsigns, I usually refer to a map of the US Call Areas.
I grew tired of searching for good, quality black and white maps of the US with the amateur radio call areas mapped. It seems the maps I found were either too small, grainy, or had some artifacts which made them unsuitable for printing or photocopying. I came across a really good, simple, black and white map by Bruce Jones Designs and decided to draw out the US call areas and touch up the map just a bit. I hope you find it useful.

All versions of the map are 1526 x 1195, 32-bit JPG.


You are free to use these maps in whatever way you need them. You may edit, republish or rehost the versions of the maps below under a Creative Commons license.
You may not use these maps for commercial or for-profit use without first contacting me.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to N5DUX.

Full version

Version with call area numbers only

(Good for labeling states by hand or having less visual clutter)

Version with call area borders only

(Good for highlighting/filling with your own colors)