Callsign Notification

Waiting for your new license? upgrade? vanity callsign?

I know many people hammer sites like QRZ and the FCC Database watching for their name to appear, letting them know they're official and papers have been processed. (I know I used to!)

I know QRZ posts the callsigns daily and I used to visit the callsigns page daily just watching for my name to appear. Now, instead of hammering your refresh button, you can signup with this script and let it watch for you! It will email you with a link to your data the morning it posts on the FCC's files.

If you're a new ham, you can simply put in your full name, middle initial and last name and the script will email you when your callsign comes in.

Already licensed? Just put in your callsign (name too if you want, but it isn't necessary)

Once you get emailed by the script it removes your name and email from the database.

Absolutely, positively, no spam to worry about here!


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