Hamfest Bingo
(Refresh for new grid. Click to mark tile)
Ham carrying pet(s) QRO zealot
(usually bashing QRP zealots)
More than 1 name badge Orange safety vest HT turned up too loud
"I'm just here for the food."
(sits around eating the whole time.)
(nachos by 8:30am)
Seller has things on table that he can't identify
Quotes you a price anyway
Overly tactical/surplus ham
(tactical vest, tactical cargo pants, shirt with flag/eagle/wolf/Harley-Davidson (or some mix), boonie cap)
Ham on scooter Ham with entire family in tow
Cigarette-smoke ham
(you won't see him as much as smell him)
Bonus: smoke-stained facial hair
Windows 3.11 computer priced like new FREE
Car with callsign lettering on the paint Beeping Morse code name badge
Seller tells you his price for something quickly followed by how much he paid 10 years ago
(Bonus: Prices aren't far apart)
Broken volume ham
(heard from across the parking lot)
Plumber's crack Hill-billy's first trip to town in 25 years Audible APRS transmission
Dryrotted coax for sell A-little-too-into-it ham
(tower on helmet, exhibiting cosplay/ComiCon behavior)
Car with more than 4 ham antennas
(Bonus: all mag-mount)
Boy Scout in uniform Ham with more than 4 HTs