Hamfest Bingo
(Refresh for new grid. Click to mark tile)
Overly tactical/surplus ham
(tactical vest, tactical cargo pants, shirt with flag/eagle/wolf/Harley-Davidson (or some mix), boonie cap)
Windows 3.11 computer priced like new Way-too-made-up female
"Attention, please"
All-leather clad biker ham
+1 point for Harley Davidson shirt
+10 points if you see him get off a Honda Goldwing
More than 1 name badge
QRO zealot
(usually bashing QRP zealots)
Seller tells you his price for something quickly followed by how much he paid 10 years ago
(Bonus: Prices aren't far apart)
Smelly ham
(hasn't bathed since he got his license)
Dryrotted coax for sell Flip phone
Old man with high pants Ham with more than 4 HTs FREE
Gordon West, WB6NOA Way-too-short shorts
+5 points if paired with way-too-tall socks
Ham on scooter Beeping Morse code name badge Orange safety vest Scooter collision
Bonus: if you get hit
A-little-too-into-it ham
(tower on helmet, exhibiting cosplay/ComiCon behavior)
Cigarette-smoke ham
(you won't see him as much as smell him)
Bonus: smoke-stained facial hair
HF man pack Ham with walker Food stains on clothes
+5 points if it's fresh