Hamfest Bingo
(Refresh for new grid. Click to mark tile)
Windows 3.11 computer priced like new A-little-too-into-it ham
(tower on helmet, exhibiting cosplay/ComiCon behavior)
NASCAR ham Overly-caffeinated ham
(usually found in tailgate sale section)
More than 1 name badge
Fanny pack Beeping Morse code name badge Orange safety vest Ham with walker HF man pack
Smelly ham
(hasn't bathed since he got his license)
QRP zealot
(usually bashing QRO zealots)
Audible APRS transmission Dryrotted coax for sell
Way-too-made-up female
"Attention, please"
Ham wife selling soaps, crochet or crafts Scooter collision
Bonus: if you get hit
Seller has things on table that he can't identify
Quotes you a price anyway
Car with more than 4 ham antennas
(Bonus: all mag-mount)
Car with callsign lettering on the paint Antenna bigger than vehicle Kilt "I'm just here for the food."
(sits around eating the whole time.)
(nachos by 8:30am)
Flip-up sunglasses